One thought on “Not your everyday Mailman

  1. Nathan

    I know this comment is really late in coming, but here’s my centavos:

    You *can’t* get a group mailing list going with a one and one account. I say *can’t* because: 1, I’ve tried, and 2, I asked a bunch of linux people about setting up mailing lists and it doesn’t seem like one and one has the necessary features.

    Note: I’m talking about a group list (a list that people can respond to and the email will go to everyone).

    If you want a one-way mailing list, then PHPList looks like it will do the trick. This past weekend I spent some time setting up a list like this (called DADAMAIL). It is a one-way mailing list and it was fairly easy to set up. (Although after getting it going it turned out the UI was really dumb).

    So, if you want a one-way list, PHPList looks like the ticket. If you want a group list (where people can respond), you can try yahoo-groups or something.

    * To get a group mailing list you need to be able to set up an email alias that points to a file. If you have your own linux box this isn’t too hard (you just have any mail going to get processed by the mailing list manager). The thing with our one and one accounts is that I’m not sure if we can do that. I’m currently waiting for a response from one and one.

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