Email Posting Test

Does this e-mail have funny borders and columns? I certainly hope not,
because then it will look weird on the website.

I’m just doing a test for the e-mail posting stuff. If I can get it to
work well, this thing will be lots easier!

Chau, kids!

2 thoughts on “Email Posting Test

  1. Beth

    Seems like your post works pretty good, although there’s a random indentation on my browser (good ol’ Internet Exploder). That’s cool that you can just send an e-mail and it posts on the page. Even though it may not be too hard to post, it is even easier this way, I’m sure.

    I’m glad that FeFNet is still goin’ strong! I don’t know where else I could turn to for my regular dose of FeF if I didn’t have this site. 😉

  2. Alex

    Yeah, the email thing isn’t exactly tip-top. It’s got some work to go, but I hear they’re coming out with a new version of WordPress in a few weeks. That should be nice, especially since one of the main features that is improved is the blog by email feature. Cool, eh?

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