These aren’t the DVDs you’re looking for – Five major changes in the ‘Star Wars’ DVD – Sep 20, 2004

Maybe it’s good enough, but it’d be cool to have the original Star Wars movies on DVD. Oh well, I guess I’ll settle for the Super-Special Edition or whatever they want to call this DVD release. I’m still a Star Wars fan, so I’ll probably end up getting these movies sometime.

3 thoughts on “These aren’t the DVDs you’re looking for

  1. Beth

    It seems weird to me that they keep changing stuff in the original trilogy. There were a few changes in that “special” VHS release in the late 90’s, now they are changing even more things (to match the prequels, I guess). People LOVE the originals; they ought to offer that, too … and maybe they will, in five or ten years (not now, ’cause this way they can get people to buy BOTH sets).

  2. Alex

    I know the extended version isn’t coming out until December. Kind of a long time to wait, no? Maybe they’ll have some sort of boxed set for all the movies.

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