Blockbuster Filter:
Greasemonkey User Script

I just created my first userscript for Greasemonkey. Basically it just removes the R-Rated movies from the catalog display. I may or may not update the script in the future. Here is the link: Blockbuster Rating Filter.

Feel free to comment here about things you wish this did/didn’t do, or if you have a better way to do it, you’ll get credit for it!

3 thoughts on “Blockbuster Filter:
Greasemonkey User Script

  1. Nathan

    Uh, so how do you use the userscript? Does the blockbuster site let you create your own javascript and then you paste it somewhere so it starts working?

  2. Alex

    Basically, to use the userscript, you have to have Greasemonkey installed. If you don’t know about Greasemonkey, I suggest you visit their site. It’s an extension for firefox that allows you to make “user scripts” that contain bits of javascript that messes with the DHTML of the page. Every time you visit a site that matches the parameters set by your userscript (which you can easily change), the javascript is executed. It’s quite cool, really.

  3. Gary

    Hey, I found your user script on the Grease Monkey User Scrips Wiki, and was wondering if you were LDS (because of the whole “no R-rated movies” thing). Its always fun to find other Mormons online!

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