Red or Green: That is the Question

Well, being from New Mexico I already knew this: New Mexico’s state question, “Red or Green?,” refers to the kind of chiles you’re looking for in your dish. But here’s something I didn’t know: Chile Verde is one of America’s top 10 foods according to Check it out! And if you haven’t had green chiles, well you’d better give that a try.

2 thoughts on “Red or Green: That is the Question

  1. Beth

    Oh, red or green; red or green. I ask myself that often.

    As far as chiles go, I do tend to like green, but the red *color* is just so pretty that I order that sometimes, too.

    You didn’t mention the “Christmas” option! Or is that secret insider (native New Mexican) information? Oops.

  2. Alex Post author

    Hehe. I think the “Christmas” option isn’t much of a secret – the linked article refers to it in the first couple of lines. But I would tend to agree – you can’t go wrong with Christmas.

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