People that make you believe in people

This is just a public thank you for those people who are willing to help others without asking for something in return. I feel like I have been the beneficiary in quite a few things lately, so I Just wanted to say thanks to the no-nonsense people who help to get so many things done.

When we got home tonight after a work party, our toilet was having problems and kept overflowing. It took me a minute or so to realize that instead of trying to get the toilet to stop flowing (the flapper had gone bad), I should turn of the water. So in the meantime we were in the middle of a lot of water. We called the “emergency maintenance” number and the man that helped us was super nice, and I was extremely grateful for that. He had to make a few trips to get a few things like a bunch of rags and a wet vac so we could get rid of all the water, and he impressed me very much with his professionalism. I’m not even sure of what his name was, but he was extremely helpful. When I explained what had happened, he didn’t accuse me of anything, he understood that I had tried my best to stop the toilet leak and he didn’t question what had happened, he was only there to fix it and within an hour we had a nice dry floor again. We’ll have to have the carpet cleaned a bit, but he arranged for that to be done tomorrow, too.

There have been more people that deserve thanks, too, like the people who helped to push me out of my icy parking spot and many others along the way, so I hope I can return the favor somehow in my own way. Thanks to those people who make me believe in people again.

One thought on “People that make you believe in people

  1. Beth

    Ohhh!!! I say “thanks” to those people, too!

    Sorry to hear about your toilet backing up. But it sounds like you’re no worse for the wear — right? 🙂

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