The Power of Social Networking

No, social networking isn’t about communism. It’s about connecting with other people and leveraging the people you already know to help you. I remember talking about the importance of networking with BPA in high school, but I’m just now realizing the power that it has.

Everyone knows about the importance of networking when looking for a job, but are you aware that it can help you once you already have a job? Did you know that your peers might actually have something worthwhile to say? Social networking helps you communicate some of those things. For me, the best social networking websites are those that can give you benefit even if your friends aren’t already signed up. is a prime example of that: they are “a collection of favorites: yours and everyone else’s”. Even though I might not know a lot of people that use this site, it’s still very useful to me. I can save my bookmarks and use them from any computer (and I do – I use it all the time from school, at work, and at home). Feel free to read my links.

Websites like this allow for community learning. That’s important! We can’t expect to be able to learn everything by ourselves, or even to be able to find the few needles of useful websites in the haystack that is the Internet. This can apply to spiritual aspects, as well. The ancient American prophet Moroni highlights this in The Book of Mormon (Moroni 6:5), “And the church did meet together oft, to fast and to pray, and to speak one with another concerning the welfare of their souls.”

Although this scripture directly applies to literal church meetings, the Internet has plenty of useful websites that allow this type of conversation. Wikis such as Feast upon the Word and allow for some of that conversation. Do you know of any more out there? What sites do you like to visit?

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  1. Alex Post author

    Thanks, Richard. I’ll have to check out How do you find all those good podcasts? Do you subscribe to them? And regarding delicious, I just added you to my network. I like that it has a lot of cool features (like networks), but it doesn’t force you to use them. The most important features are very simple, and that’s good.

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