Monthly Archives: June 2006

Rethinking web email

After months of waiting, I was finally given a Yahoo! Mail Beta account today for my primary email address. I’ve already had it for several months on my Junk email address (which I’ve had for about ten years), but now I’m ready to use it full-time. I’ve also got an account on Windows Live Mail (the successor to hotmail) and Gmail, both of which I also use regularly. The main reason I use Yahoo! Mail primarily isn’t necessarily because I like the features best, but probably more because I’ve used it for so long and that’s where most of my email is at. I’m sure many others have already written reviews like this, but this is partly a personal exercise as I evaluate switching to another web-based email service. Each of these services, in my opinion, is better than the previous offerings by the companies, so I’m glad that they’re all out there. Which one will I use more permanently? Stay tuned. I haven’t quite decided that one yet. Read on to see pros and cons of each service.

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Productive Bookmarklets

I recently discovered blummy – The bookmarklet management bookmarklet and I think it’s extremely useful. Most of you have probably seen a bookmarks toolbar in your web browser. Basically, the bookmarks toolbar allows you quick access to a few bookmarks (or favorites, for you Internet Explorer folks). A bookmarklet is a bookmark that performs some other function. For example, I have a bookmarklet that I can use to post things to Others can show the pagerank of a website. The reason blummy is cool is because it allows you to create your own bookmarklets and combine them into one, saving tons of space on your bookmarks toolbar. Plus, you can browse bookmarklets created by other people. You can configure it just how you want, and it’s free! What are you waiting for? You need to check out blummy.

Ubuntu: The Good and The Bad

My Windows machine crashed about a year ago, and I finally said I’d had enough with the reinstalls and decided to pick up Linux. I’d been reading about Ubuntu for a while, but at first I thought it was just really overhyped. I’ve really come to enjoy a lot about it since I installed it back in March. Let me tell you about a few of the things I like, followed with what I don’t like.

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