Monthly Archives: July 2006

Test Driving Firefox 2.0 Beta 1

Ever since Firefox was known as Phoenix, I’ve used it as my default web browser. There are so many reasons to use it if you’re still using Internet Explorer. For several months before Firefox 1.0 was released, I upgraded to the newest build several times a week. It’s kind of sad when you think about it, but I was excited about even the smallest of bugfixes when it related to something I was interested in.

Since Firefox 1.0 was released, I’ve typically stayed with the most recent stable release, but this week I decided to install Firefox 2.0 Beta 1, if only to see what kind of new features I would be seeing with the 2.0 release. So far, I’m pretty excited. Some of my favorite features from other browsers are here, and one of my favorite extensions (Session Restore) is now included into the browser. Here are some of my favorite new features in Firefox 2.0:

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