Faith Over Football?

I recently read an article on about the two coaches in the Super Bowl coming up next week. As Michael Smith says, they have been talked about a lot because they are the first black coaches in the Super Bowl. Tony Dungy, the coach of the Indianapolis Colts, and Lovie Smith, coach of the Chicago Bears, are much more than just that. They are men of character:

Dungy and Smith are role models, not just for coaches who look like them or men who look like them, but for all coaches and all men. They live their lives the right way, and as a result they do their jobs the same way. Their priorities are, in order: faith, their families and football. The outcome of the Super Bowl or any game does not define them. They personify words such as class, grace, dignity, honor and integrity. We all can draw inspiration from men such as these.

Being a role model is something that transcends the game. It’s great to hear about the accomplishments and character of these men off the field because it’s something so rarely seen in the spotlight: role models in athletics. Read the full article on to see what I mean.

5 thoughts on “Faith Over Football?

  1. Beth

    I can’t help but hear about football out here. πŸ™‚

    I had heard that both Dungy and Smith were both African American, meaning that Super Bowl 41 will be the first Super Bowl in which an African American head coach led his team to a victory. But this impresses me much more. Awesome.

  2. Alex Post author

    I agree, it’s certainly very impressive.

    Are you guys rooting for the Bears since you’re out in Chicago? I think I’m rooting for them because Peyton Manning is kind of a hothead, so go Bears!

  3. Beth

    I will root for the Bears, I guess, ’cause I didn’t even know Indianapolis had a team until I heard they won the AFL playoffs (AFL, right??) πŸ˜†

    Aren’t you embarrassed at how not-into-football I am? Don’t worry; I won’t tell anybody we’re related. Oh wait; I just told the whole Internet. πŸ˜‰

  4. Alex Post author

    You’re very close. Indianapolis is in the AFC, which is the NFL conference that happens to be comprised of many former AFL teams when the NFL and AFL merged almost forty years ago. The Colts used to play in the NFL, back when they were in Baltimore, but they’re in the AFC now. Confused?

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