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I’ve tried several times to use RSS feeds instead of visiting so many sites (don’t get my wrong, I like visiting the sites, but it tends to become a time waster since I don’t know if they’ve been updated or not). RSS readers tend to be hard to use, and when I did find one I like, it was an application that I had to use on my computer. Since I use multiple computers, I needed to switch to a web-based feed reader.

Since I had recently switched over completely to Gmail, I decided to give the Google Reader a try. I hated it. Yahoo’s reader didn’t update things regularly enough for me. I tried Feedburner and other applications, but never liked them and hated the idea of having yet another login floating out there somewhere.

So at some point in the past few weeks I decided to take a look at Google Reader again. To my surprise, it had a new interface that mimics Gmail’s in many ways. Give it a try for yourself!

Do you use RSS? What reader do you use?

4 thoughts on “Google Reader for RSS

  1. Adam

    Google Reader all the way. Ironically enough, I hated when Google deployed the new version of Reader. But that was me just not willing to change. I am now a strong convert to the new Reader. I really like looking at the Trends page. Apparently I have read 2,841 items in the last 30 days with Tuesday being the busiest day and Sunday being the slowest.

  2. Alex Post author

    You’re right, that trends page is pretty cool. I hadn’t even noticed it before you posted this comment, but since I’ve been obsessed with weird statistics like that ever since I started collecting baseball cards as a kid, I find it quite interesting.

    Another thing I’ve come to like in all my Google apps is the keyboard shortcuts. They’re perfect in Google Calendar, and I find myself using them more and more all the time in Gmail and Google Reader.

  3. Beth

    I use Sage, which I guess is a Firefox plug-in, so it’s not web-based (oh man, am I using my techie lingo right?) But I like it because it is integrated into my browser, so I don’t even need to be at a certain page to use it. I am always at the same computer, though, so it works for me.

    I have friends who visit each and every URL in their “blogs” bookmarks folder (well, “Favorites” folder, probably) every day. It boggles my mind … I mean, blogs without RSS feeds? No way could I keep up on that. I’m so glad I have techie family to keep me up on this stuff and teach me about RSS. 🙂

    And is techie with an -ie or a -y? Hmmm.

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