Why I like the Wii

Since my last post way back in September, I managed to find a Nintendo Wii and my wife bought it for me for Christmas. Since we started playing it a few weeks ago, we both really enjoy it. Since we’ve wanted to play with lots of others, most of our playing has been in Wii Sports, but it has been a lot of fun.

Let me tell you why I like the Wii:

  • It hasn’t caused me to go broke
  • It’s fun for all kinds of people!
  • I can play video games with my 5-month-old daughter

And there you have it! Those are the top two reasons. I admit that there are tons of other gaming systems that are fun, but the Wii really has been fun for everyone I know who has played it. Even little baby Emmy loves being held while we play bowling, which is something I just can’t do while playing X-Box. When my sister and her family was in town last week we brought it to my parents’ house and even they played bowling. I took the Wii to our new apartment yesterday, and my mom already asked when we were bringing it back. Even my dad played with us, and the only other games I remember him playing are Super Mario Bros. over 15 years ago and Super Mario Kart on the SNES. It’s interesting to note that this lack of gaming experience hasn’t been a disadvantage at Wii Sports; I must admit that despite owning the system, I’ve been beaten by both of my parents at Wii Bowling. I’ve had fun playing the new Zelda game as well as Marvel: Ultimate Alliance on the Wii, so I’ll share my opinion of those games a little later.

One thought on “Why I like the Wii

  1. Beth

    What?? No mention of some impressive high scores from your sister and your wife??? 😉

    I really liked the Wii, too (well, Wii Sports, anyway). It really was fun for everyone to play, and didn’t take too long to get the hang of it, unlike other games. It really is different from any video game system I’ve seen; it hardly feels like a video game when you have to stand up to play — and that’s good! (Although it really did make my arm sore the first day after I played it. Dude, I’m a wimp.)

    I can’t believe you took it away from Mom. I bet she wanted to practice in those early mornings. 😉

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