Drop in Gas Prices!

Did you notice how yesterday’s “gas out” brought gas prices down?

Me either. That’s because it doesn’t work that way. Although I did my part not buying gas yesterday, it was only because I didn’t need it. What I should really do is drive my car less, to decrease overall demand (even by just a tiny bit). Next time we have a gas out, let’s make it a bike to work day or something.

2 thoughts on “Drop in Gas Prices!

  1. Beth

    Dude, I forgot about the “gas out!” But no worries, I didn’t buy gas either (is there anybody who buys gas EVERY day??), so don’t blame me.

    It is $3.49 a gallon here and it makes my stomach turn every time I drive past the gas stations by our house.

  2. Alex Post author

    Yuck. $3.49 a gallon is disgusting. I started feeling sick when it moved up to $3, and it’s still stuck around $3.10, I think. But I get to buy gas again today because I’m going to Santa Fe.

    I used to buy gas almost every other day when I had to drive down to UNM last semester. Dumb, especially since I’ll probably have to do it again next semester.

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