Monthly Archives: October 2007

Christmas Eve?

Well, it’s not Christmas in October but it’s close. I’m writing this from a hotel in a suburb of Denver, Colorado, making final preparations for our trip to the World Series. That’s right, tomorrow I’M GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES! I’m very excited. It’s nearly midnight, and I can’t think about sleeping. It’s like waiting up for Santa Claus.

It seems that scoring tickets to this event was just about as unlikely as the Rockies winning 21 of 22 games, so I’m pretty excited for the chance to be here. I wish that Julia and Emmy could have been here, too, but I’m glad they let me come! This may be a once-in-a-lifetime chance, so I’m definitely going to make the most of it.

Go Rockies!!!

Going Green

Ann Arbor, Michigan is planning to install LEDs in its streetlights to save money on lighting costs. Apparently this investment is going to pay for itself in four years. There seems to be a bit of a mini-green revolution right now, as just about every finance blog or personal improvement blog talks about replacing your own light bulbs with CFLs or LEDs. We got a pack of them from Wal-Mart to replace some 60-watt bulbs, and we’re pretty sure that the “60-watt equivalent” is brighter than the regular incandescent bulb after it warms up. Wal-Mart even has their own brand of CFLs, and that’s what we’re using now. It’s a bit of an investment, but we’re planning on replacing a few more bulbs each month to try to cut down on our utilities bill.

The Rockies win the Pennant!

So, as I predicted, the Rockies have won the National League pennant in a most sweeping fashion. I’m not sure if it’s their luck or mine on this thing, because back on September 18th, when the Rockies had only a 3.1% chance of even making the playoffs, I asked Julia if I could go to the World Series in Denver if the Rockies made it. Well, here we are four weeks later, and they’re in! Now I just have to get lucky enough to find a way to get tickets without selling my soul to the Yankees or something…