Christmas Eve?

Well, it’s not Christmas in October but it’s close. I’m writing this from a hotel in a suburb of Denver, Colorado, making final preparations for our trip to the World Series. That’s right, tomorrow I’M GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES! I’m very excited. It’s nearly midnight, and I can’t think about sleeping. It’s like waiting up for Santa Claus.

It seems that scoring tickets to this event was just about as unlikely as the Rockies winning 21 of 22 games, so I’m pretty excited for the chance to be here. I wish that Julia and Emmy could have been here, too, but I’m glad they let me come! This may be a once-in-a-lifetime chance, so I’m definitely going to make the most of it.

Go Rockies!!!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve?

  1. Beth

    YAY!! I have been thinking about you and your fun experience this weekend.

    Hope you have a ROCKin’ good time! Hahaha! I bet nobody has ever thought of that pun before. :mrgreen:

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