The Rockies win the Pennant!

So, as I predicted, the Rockies have won the National League pennant in a most sweeping fashion. I’m not sure if it’s their luck or mine on this thing, because back on September 18th, when the Rockies had only a 3.1% chance of even making the playoffs, I asked Julia if I could go to the World Series in Denver if the Rockies made it. Well, here we are four weeks later, and they’re in! Now I just have to get lucky enough to find a way to get tickets without selling my soul to the Yankees or something…

4 thoughts on “The Rockies win the Pennant!

  1. Alex Post author

    I’m not psychic, I just lucked out in being right. Or maybe I somehow willed them to win. A lot of it is because they’re the closest team, and we tried to go to a game earlier this year which got rained out. Plus, I’ve been a bit of a Rockies fan since they started – they used to show the games on Fox all the time, even back when it was on Channel 14. While you were busy doing homework, I was watching the Rockies.

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