Denver and the Rockies

First, I just wanted to say that the last few weeks have me somewhat disappointed in the national media. With that said, I immensely enjoyed my trip to Denver to see the Rockies in the first World Series game in Colorado, which was also the longest 9-inning game in World Series history. The reason for mentioning the national media is because of their labeling of the World Series as boring… which I really disagree with. If you only looked at box scores and post-game reports, you might think that I was really depressed watching my Rockies, which just wasn’t true. They played well, all things considered. The Red Sox are a great team, which gives me all the more reason to dislike them. In fact, I’ve had more fun loathing them lately than I have had loathing the Yankees (although that will never stop being entertaining). I’ve had this rising anger toward the Red Sox ever since they beat up on the Cardinals in 2004… not fun. Bottom line is that this World Series was as close as it should have been, and there were enough momentum shifts to keep me in my seat along with tens of thousands of other Rockies fans in Coors Field. I got to go to the World Series, and that’s something even Red Sox dominance couldn’t take away from me.

Check out this video showing the Rockies miraculous postseason run. This video forgets to show us the 14 of 15 games they won at the end of the regular season, which was miraculous enough. Thanks, Rockies! I’ll be back to see you soon.

3 thoughts on “Denver and the Rockies

  1. Beth

    Yeah, if you just read about it, it IS pretty boring. But I tuned in and caught the pregame (calling out the roster, the National Anthem, fireworks) … I was SO pumped! It seemed just as cool as any other sports event, I say.

    I myself have also been getting plenty tired of everybody loving the Red Sox. Bleh. 😛

    I’m so glad you got to go and it was such a fun game!

  2. Beth

    Just watched the video! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

    I am not sure if the creator was trying to make fun of the Rockies or what, but it was still pretty funny. Plus, how can you actually root for Bowser over Mario?? Go Rockies!

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