Interface Simplicity – Joe’s Goals

In a world so full of noise, sometimes it’s great to retreat to a place of simplicity. One of my recent web retreats is getting back into Joe’s Goals, where I’m digging the new 2.0 interface that keeps everything on one page. It’s pretty simple – every time I complete a goal, I click to put a check mark on the box for that goal. I can add another check mark by clicking on the box again, or click directly on a check mark to remove it. It’s pretty simple to use, but the great part is that I’m the one to choose what a check mark means. I’m not affiliated with the site in any way, but I am a daily user.

Joe’s Goals is a simple way to track productivity chains – I can set it to show me how long I’ve kept up my daily scripture reading or my exercise (and I can even exclude Sundays for that goal). It’s simple, free, and easy. Thanks, Joe!