Goals Update

Well, I had a great Christmas break. I also still have two weeks until my classes start, so things aren’t finished yet. It was great to see friends and family, and I’m ready to get back into a more regular schedule. A few items still remain from my goals list:

  • Build a Snowman: Emmy had a lot of snow time, but I didn’t get out there like I should have. We’ll try to get out there this week.
  • Work on a puzzle: I think I spent too much time on Mario Kart and Wii Bowling to get this one done, plus having a puzzle out with lots of little kids around spells trouble.
  • Pass lots of levels of the Python Challenge. I’ll work on this one more this week.
  • Learn all about Ham Radio. I turned this into a more specific goal: pass the Technician class exam on January 13th. I’m pretty close: my practice exams were all passing scores, but I still have some work to do before next week.
  • Read a book. I chose to start reading The Chronicles of Narnia for this one. I’m halfway through The Magician’s Nephew, but I haven’t even picked it up for two weeks now. I’ll definitely be done with at least one of these books by the time school starts again.

Only five goals left to go, and two more weeks! Not too bad. As long as I find a puzzle to work on, I think the rest are pretty much under control. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of the Christmas Goals update in two weeks!