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Things to do over Christmas

I’ve got about a hundred things that I’d like to get done, and I’ve got a couple of weeks off. There’s lots of family stuff, things to learn about (especially now before classes start up again), and plenty of Christmas traditions, new and old. There aren’t any rules here: categories overlap, things will get added and deleted, and whatever I say goes. I’d better get started.


  • Get to know baby Kaylee
  • Play with Kaylee, Emmy, and their cousins
  • Take Pictures and movies to share with family
  • Have a Wii Bowling Tournament
  • Have a Mario Kart Tournament


  • Build a snowman
  • Get up early on Christmas (and wake up Beth if I have to)
  • Watch BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl
  • Crack lots of nuts on Christmas
  • Watch the greatest Christmas movies, including Ernest Saves Christmas, Elf, and Christmas Vacation (and many others, of course).
  • Sleep In
  • Eat Junk food and work on puzzles for New Year’s
  • Take Emmy to see Santa Claus


Wow, that’s lots to do. I can’t wait. Since classes start next month on the 20th, that gives me one month.