Home Run City

Comerica brought to its knees by Abreu

In case you didn’t catch the Home Run derby this last Monday, you should read this article about how Bobby Abreu smashed the previous home run record of 27 with 41 blasts. It was a pretty neat sight to watch, and I especially appreciated Abreu’s demeanor as he was at the bat – he was really enjoying it. You could tell the fans were getting into it, too, and it was exciting to watch him break the single-round record by about 10 home runs with 24. It was really amazing, and really cool to watch.

3 thoughts on “Home Run City

  1. Beth

    So I guess with the Home Run Derby done the All-Star game is done, too, right?

    I know there was some big push to get a White Sox player in the All-Star game, but I never knew if he made it. I just heard about it listening to news radio …

  2. Alex Post author

    Yup, the All-Star game was the day after the Home Run Derby. As for which White Sox player you might be referring to, I’m not sure who it is. I do know that they had the starting pitcher along with quite a few other players, too.

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