Monthly Archives: July 2005

Gallery’s Flippin Sweet

Gallery 2 Beta 4 was released earlier today, and we’ve upgraded our gallery to the latest version. The codename for this release is “Flippin’ Sweet”, which, for all you who didn’t spend last summer in Alaska hunting wolverines, is a reference to Napoleon Dynamite. Feel free to take the gallery off some sweet jumps, and we promise there will be more pictures up there in the near future.

More Than Meets the Eye

‘Transformers’ Movie Release Set For July 4, 2007

The Transformers are coming to a movie theater near you! But you’re going to have to wait a while. Set to debut 4th of July weekend, 2007, Dreamworks has started work on a live-action film of the Transformers. Steven Speilberg is the Executive Producer and the director is Michael Bay, from such movies as “The Rock”.

Can I just say that I hope this will be good? It looks to be quite promising, considering some of the names that are attached to it. It’s only been 20 years since the last movie, so it should be fun. I just hope we get another Weird Al track for the soundtrack.

Home Run City

Comerica brought to its knees by Abreu

In case you didn’t catch the Home Run derby this last Monday, you should read this article about how Bobby Abreu smashed the previous home run record of 27 with 41 blasts. It was a pretty neat sight to watch, and I especially appreciated Abreu’s demeanor as he was at the bat – he was really enjoying it. You could tell the fans were getting into it, too, and it was exciting to watch him break the single-round record by about 10 home runs with 24. It was really amazing, and really cool to watch.

Ode to Laziness

So, you might think I’ve been lazy and haven’t written to this blog in oh so long, but it’s not true. I’ve been busy.

First of all, I would like to announce that I’m married to the beautiful Mrs. Julia Baker. She’s fantastic! That’s probably the main reason I haven’t written on here in so long. It’s been fun to be back here in New Mexico and live the American Dream. Well, I guess we’ve just been working, pretty much.

I also got sick last week with a nasty virus that kept me home all week. It created an acute pain in my throat, and everytime I tried to swallow I felt like my throat would catch fire. Yuck! But the good news is it’s almost all gone.

And in other news, I finally got around to updating WordPress for this website. It’s completely current now, and hopefully that will help me with all the spam problems I was having. And you may notice that the quotes are back. Yeah!!! Not as cool as before, but they’ll just have to do.

Let me know what you think of the new design. Like it? Love it? I decided to just tweak around with the default template this time. I only changed a few colors and the title image for the background to give it a more personal feel.