It Starts at Home

I just read a great article that seems to begin with the exact words I wish everyone thought: Online Safety Begins with Parents, not Laws and Government. It seems like this should be common knowledge, but that’s decidedly untrue. Although many parents might know deep down that they are the ones responsible for their children, it’s all to common for parents to at least behave as if they thought the schools were in charge of raising their kids.

A couple of years ago, my wife and I worked with elementary-age children who were at an age of exploration. They were often seeking of ways to test their boundaries, and it was obvious which ones had structured limits at home in the things they were allowed to do. This lack of parental responsibility was a frequent topic on our drives home, and we realized that proper boundaries could help children learn much faster than if they were given free reign to explore boundaries for which they weren’t prepared. It’s up to all us – parents, siblings, friends, whatever – to help raise future generations, so let’s never think it’s someone else’s problem.