Spring is officially here!

I really enjoy spring. With the arrival of spring comes warmer weather, a cheerful feeling of rebirth in everything around, and, of course, baseball.

As I write this my Kansas City Royals sit alone on top of the American League standings. If Cleveland, Tampa Bay, and the Yankees lose this evening then they may have a whole day to enjoy it. This doesn’t happen often, so we Royals fans can at least revel in the fact that we’ve beaten a team twice (the Tigers) that many have predicted to win the World Series this year, what with the addition of some great firepower to their lineup. I’m not sure if two early losses to the Royals are enough for Tigers fans to get nervous, but it’s moments like this that I’ve had to live for as a Royals fan. (Some readers will note that I’m also a Colorado Rockies fan, but my loyalty to the Royals remains and precedes the Rockies’ existence.)

So I can say that I’m officially enjoying spring, even if it means the return of lawn mowing and eagerness as I look out the classroom window* as I wait for the end of the semester to go outside and play.

(* note: there are not actually any windows in my classrooms, and even if there were, they would just show me some ugly buildings)

1 thought on “Spring is officially here!

  1. Kath

    It is windy, so we must be stuck in March … but I love seeing the pale green leaves.

    Wow. I have a lot of posts to read. THANKS! (P. S. The world needs NEEDS more MORE pictures of Emmy!)

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