Great Greinke Quote

Zack Greinke, the Royals’ lone All-Star and best pitcher in baseball, was excellent on the field yesterday: ten pitches, two strikeouts and a flyout in foul territory. Peter Gammons said he had the best pitching performance of the night. He was great off the field as well, as he had some great quotes over the past couple of days as well. This one was my favorite:

“I was hoping (President Obama) didn’t like me, because none of the White Sox guys like me. So I was hoping that he’d be like, ‘You punk, I hate you.’ But he didn’t do that.”

Here’s what a showdown between Obama (a White Sox fan) and Greinke would have looked like:

Zack Greinke pitches at the All-Star GameObama Throws the First Pitch

My vote is for Zack.

2 thoughts on “Great Greinke Quote

  1. Beth

    Holy cow, that guy’s arm may not be attached to his body. Has anyone ever checked?? The more I look at that picture, the less sense it makes. WEIRD.

    Obama’s pitching stance looks kinda like mine. (Ooh, BURN!) :mrgreen:

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